It's a windy day and all the Cloudbabies are finding it hard to get their jobs done. Rainbow is finding it particularly hard to battle against the wind and is late getting to Sun to give him a shower. Back at the stables, Baba Blue is doing some painting but blue paint drips into Baba Yellow's fluteytoot, blocking it. In the Cloudyhouse, all the Cloudbabies are so distracted trying to fix Baba Yellow's fluteytoot that they don't notice Rainbow taking the skyhorsies from their stables in an attempt to be as fast as everyone else in the wind. Rainbow sits on a cloud with two sets of reins in each hand, each attached to the Skyhorsies. Racing off, without much control, Rainbow is pulled through the windy sky at speed. He hurtles through the sky, covering Sun in skydust before coming to an unsteady slide through Baba Green's garden, flattening each and every plant. Luckily Baba Pink has found a solution to the blocked fluteytoot and soaks it in some water. Baba Yellow pops the paint out with one big blow. Fuffa alerts them to Rainbow's plight and with the fluteytoot now working, Baba Yellow is able to coax the skyhorsies back to their stables, and Rainbow safely from their grasp. Soon the wind calms down and a contrite Rainbow is able to give Sun a shower and help Baba Green tidy up the garden.

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  • Originally Aired Sunday, June 28, 2015
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