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Moons Big Shine

It's a very frosty morning, and Moon is getting ready for a good day's sleep before the longest night of the year. She asks Sun to remind the Cloudbabies that she needs an extra special polish. He does so and all the Cloudbabies say they won't forget. Bobo is dazzled by the sparkling frost but Baba Pink explains that the pretty frost will make all their jobs a lot harder. As she clears the windows of frost, Bobo White puts it in his basket as icy treasure. Bobo White collects more icy treasure, like iced droplets and icicles in the orchard. As he pulls an icicle free, he bumps into a tree and icicles drop down around him, encircling him in an icy prison. Poor Bobo is stuck. The Cloudbabies hear his cries for help and with much effort, they free him. But the time has flown by, Sun is now ready for bed and the Cloudbabies haven't finished their jobs. They send Bobo back to the cloudyhouse so they can fluff the clouds, paint Rainbow's stripes and launch the shooting stars. As they too head back to the cloudyhouse, Moon thinks they are coming to give her the special polish she needs. But they have completely forgotten! They hurry to Moon, promising her she will shine the brightest tonight. But there is not much time for a polish. Bobo arrives with his basket of icy treasure. This gives the Cloudbabies an idea. They adorn Moon with Bobo's icy 'jewellery'. Soon she is glowing resplendently with an icy crown, earrings, a necklace and a bracelet, all made from Bobo's icy treasure. This really will be the brightest shiniest night of the year.

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  • Originally Aired July 5, 2015
  • Runtime 10 minutes
  • Content Rating United States of America TV-Y
  • Network CBeebies