Cue a little Irish ditty because Kate Mulligan is back, and so is “Dumbest Guest” (Dorina’s words, not mine) Nathan Hamill!!! We’ll be talking Jon Favreau already starting on #TheMandalorian season 2, Hobbs and Shaw, some Comic-Con plans, and more on a beautiful Friday with host Kristian Harloff, Dorina Arellano, Mark Reilly, Cody Hall, and Alex Marzoña (Alex Marzon-YEAH!)!!! I’m sure it’ll be madness as usual on a Friday with this motley crew, so buckle up. (PS Cody and I were super ready on Wednesday to do a whole Collider Live soundbite game BUT NO YOU JUST HAD TO HAVE YOUR LITTLE SCHMOES REUNION DIDN’T YOU. I’m sure we’ll get back to it at some point, but MAYBE IT’LL BE TOO LATE THEN. MAYBE THE EARTHQUAKES AND THE DARKNESS WILL HAVE CONSUMED US ALL. Anyways, Dorina, get out of the description pls.)

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