Julia and Woodard are in his office. Barnabas enters, transforming from a bat to a vampire. Barnabas and Julia inject him with a poision that will make his death look like a heartattack so they can get his notebook on Barnabas and prevent him from telling people that Barnabas is a vampire. Meanwhile, at the Blue Whale, the sheriff comes to Sam Evans. He asks Sam if he's seen Woodard. They have a discussion over where he could be. A woman shrieks outside due to the sight of a bat. Sam & the sheriff decide to go to Dr. Woodard's office. They break down the door and find the body of Dr. Woodard. Julia hears the ghost of Dr. Woodard tell her that 'you no longer have any friends'

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  • Episode Number 66
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Monday, October 16, 1967
  • Production Code
  • Directors John Sedwick
  • Writers Joe Caldwell
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