Barnabas & Julia are in her laboratory. Julia gives Barnabas a treatment. After the treatment, Barnabas feels like he's on Cloud 9. He feels like new blood is flowing through him. He goes as far as saying that tomorrow he will go on Widow's Hill with Victoria to see his first sunrise since 1795. Julia tells him not to risk things which might hasten his destruction. Meanwhile, at Collinwood, Carolyn is pleading with Victoria not to stay night and day at the phone. Julia enters. Carolyn says that she'll ask Mrs. Johnson to make coffee for them and leaves. Julia hypnotizes Victoria and takes her to the basement of the Old House. There she shows Barnabas in his coffin and tells her to remember this yet not remember it. They go back to Collinwood. Carolyn brings them coffee (According to her, Mrs. Johnson isn't feeling very well so she had to make it herself....a long time to make coffee!). Victoria is already uneasy every time Barnabas' name is spoken. Barnabas stops by later and asks her

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  • Episode Number 72
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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, October 24, 1967
  • Production Code
  • Directors
  • Writers Joe Caldwell
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