Carolyn once again looks at the portrait of Barnabas. Vickie goes to her and asks her if she wants to see a movie with her. Carolyn says she can't, but suggests Vickie go to the Old House to talk with cousin Barnabas to talk about the restoration of the West Wing. Vickie says she doesn't want to impose on Barnabas. Carolyn encourages her to go, and Vickie says she might go later. Julia enters the house, coming back from town. Vickie tells Carolyn & Julia about a dream she had about going with Julia to a very old house. Vickie leaves to go check on David. Carolyn says it's a strange conicendence that Vickie had a dream like that. Julia feels that Carolyn suspects her of something. On the terrace, Carolyn watchs the sun sets. She thinks she hears Barnabas calling for her, but it is just Joe Haskell. She tells him that she no longer believes the things David has been saying. Carolyn says she is going to go for a walk and Joe offers to go with her. She suggests that he go inside and talk t

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  • Episode Number 78
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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, November 1, 1967
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  • Directors
  • Writers Ron Sproat
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