Angelique is furious when Joshua tells her about the lie he will tell concerning the death of his son. What upsets her even more is that his body will be buried in secret. She wants the coffin with Barnabs to remain in the room until morning- time enough to stake him. But Joshua tells her that she has no power anymore. Angelique then summons Ben to come to her. Josette finds Natalie looking through the Collins Family History book. Natalie plans to take Josette with her as soon as possible back to Martinique. Josette says she will not go because she will wait for Barnabas to return to her. Josettes see's the body of her loved one being carried away. Joshua appologizes for her having to see that. Josette sees Ben looking in through the window, and tells Joshua. Ben is able to escape. Later, Ben returns. Joshua sees him and asks what he's doing here. He believes that Ben is going to rob the house. Angelique comes down the stairs, and says that Ben has the right to grieve for Barnabas. Ang

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  • Episode Number 43
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  • Originally Aired Friday, January 19, 1968
  • Production Code
  • Directors
  • Writers Sam Hall
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