Barnabas asks Julia to arrange the release of Willie Loomis from Wyndcliffe Sanatarium. Barnabas and Julia visit him there and release him, inspite of Julia's objection to Barnabas' plans. They then take Willie to the Old House, where Barnabas tells Willie that he is not allowed to leave the house unless Barnabas is with him or he has permission. Willie does not obey and goes to the Evans Cottage. He scares Maggie, who is still upset about what she thinks he did to him. He chases her around, but the arrival of Joe scares him off. Joe asks Maggie who it was and Maggie tells him to just hold her in his arms. Joe comes to the Old House and talks to Barnabas about Willie returning. As Joe leaves, Willie moves out from behind the column and pretends to shoots at Joe, laughing maniacally.

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, May 1, 1968
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