Barnabas, Julia, and Willie are in the cellar of the Old House, gathered around a sleeping Adam. Barnabas and Julia tell Willie that he must not frighten Adam because he would react the same way that everyone reacts when frightened-by striking out. Julia tells Willie that teaching Adam things calms him. Barnabas and Julia then leave the cellar, and Willie is now stuck with Adam. Willie lights a cigarette, which Adam grabs. The cigarette burns Adam's hand, and Adam lashes out by knocking Willie out. At Collinwood, Julia looks over Dr. Lang's old things. Mrs. Johnson enters. She is trying to avoid David, Julia asks why. It turns out Mrs. Johnson had the dream. Julia advises Mrs. Johnson to leave Collinwood for both the sakes of herself and David. As Mrs. Johnson is about to leave, Willie enters. He tells Julia that Adam has left. Julia has Willie go look for him. Adam finds his way to the terrace. Mrs. Johnson sees him and screams. She demands information from him as to who he is; but he

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, May 15, 1968
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