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Season 9



  • S09E01 DS-981

    • March 30, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    In parallel time Barnabas bites Carolyn. Quentin had previously been married to Angelique who has apparently died. Julia is a servant who is still loyal to Angelique. Quentin has married Maggie Evans and they have returned from their honeymoon. Maggie gets a note telling her that she is not wanted at Collinwood, it is signed by Angelique.
  • S09E02 DS-982

    • March 31, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Barnabas meets William Loomis, Carolyn’s husband and a writer. Carolyn watches over Barnabas. Maggie finds out that Daniel (Quentin’s son with Angelique) hates her. William warns Maggie not to trust Julia. William discovers the bite marks on Carolyn’s neck. William confronts Barnabas at his coffin with a cross and chains him in, with plans to write a new book.
  • S09E03 DS-983

    • April 1, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Daniel plans to drive Maggie out of Collinwood. Quentin tells Chris to make sure Bruno Hess, another loyal friend of Angelique, is kicked off the estate. Daniel frightens Maggie by having Amy hum a tune, making it sound like it was coming from Angelique’s portrait; Amy later tells Daniel that she did not make the humming sound.
  • S09E04 DS-984

    • April 2, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin becomes upset when he finds that Maggie has visited Angelique’s room. Julia suggests that Maggie buy a specific record for Daniel as a gift. Quentin is very upset when he finds that the record that Maggie purchased was “Ode to Angelique.” Maggie sees who she thinks is Angelique in the drawing room.
  • S09E05 DS-985

    • April 3, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Maggie finds that Alexis Stokes is Angelique’s twin sister and has come to Collinwood for a visit. Chris finds that Cyrus Longworth is planing experiments that would separate the good and evil in people; Chris believes that he has to stop Cyrus. Julia insists that Alexis is Angelique; Alexis denies this. Maggie sees Quentin and Alexis together in Angelique’s room; Maggie leaves Collinwood.
  • S09E06 DS-986

    • April 6, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Amy is frightened when she sees Alexis. Cyrus tells Bruno that Alexis is at Collinwood. Quentin tries to kick Bruno out of a cottage on the estate, however Angelique apparently gave him the right to stay their. Bruno gets Angelique’s address book for Cyrus. Bruno believes that Alexis is really Angelique and checks up on her story. Quentin hears Alexis playing “Ode to Angelique” then kisses her.
  • S09E07 DS-987

    • April 7, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin apologizes to Alexis and convinces her to stay at Collinwood. Horace Gladstone brings Cyrus a special chemical that he ordered; Horace is curious what Cyrus plans to use it for. Bruno finds himself in pain and blames Alexis. Cyrus asks Sabrina to marry him. Bruno goes to open Angelique’s grave.
  • S09E08 DS-988

    • April 8, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin and Alexis stop Bruno from opening Angelique’s grave. Bruno continues to be convinced that Alexis is Angelique, and she continues to deny it. Horace Gladstone breaks into Cyrus’ laboratory and finds out that he plans to separate the good and evil in man. Alexis asks Quentin about the seance at which Angelique mysteriously died. Cyrus drinks the formula that he has been working on, then starts to feel pain.
  • S09E09 DS-989

    • April 9, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Cyrus is unable to remember what happen to him the previous night. Cyrus finds out from the police that a strange man was terrorizing the neighborhood and entered his house. Cyrus finds that the man who attacked her took her engagement ring. Cyrus realizes he has the engagement ring and that he must have been the man that attacked her and others the night before. After having a disturbing dream Sabrina goes to Collinwood and prepares for a seance.
  • S09E10 DS-990

    • April 10, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Elizabeth and Roger find Sabrina trying to relive the seance from six months earlier when Angelique died. It is decided that another seance will be held, Alexis will take her sister’s place. During the seance a spirit takes over Sabrina and cries out “murder” and points to Alexis.
  • S09E11 DS-991

    • April 13, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Sabrina and Alexis are sure that Angelique’s death was murder, however Quentin believes that her death was due to stroke. Daniel sees Alexis and believes she is really his mother. Cyrus learns that a John Yaeger started a fight at the Eagle. Daniel has a dream about his mother, when he awakes he asks Alexis if she really is his mother.
  • S09E12 DS-992

    • April 14, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Bruno goes to Hannah Stokes (Angelique and Alexis’ aunt); she agrees to find out for sure which Alexis really is. Hannah is sure that Angelique is at Collinwood. Alexis is terrified when the piano plays by itself, she is convinced that Angelique is at Collinwood.
  • S09E13 DS-993

    • April 15, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin moves Alexis to a new room, as she is disturbed by Angelique’s presence. Horace Gladstone deliverers a new chemical formula to Cyrus which should eliminate the amnesia in the previous formula. Alexis tries to find out more about the first seance from Sabrina. Quentin asks Hannah to rid the house of the spirit that has been haunting it, Hannah is attacked by an unseen force, later she refuses to help Quentin. Hannah warns Quentin that there is great danger for everyone at Collinwood.
  • S09E14 DS-994

    • April 16, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin sees the ghost Dameon Edwards, later Amy sees him. Mr. Trask, the Collins Butler, has returned to Collinwood and is very disturbed by the news that people are seeing Dameon. Bruno is also disturbed by Quentin’s claims that Dameon is at Collinwood. Amy is frightened when she sees Dameon disappear through a wall.
  • S09E15 DS-995

    • April 17, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Amy shows Quentin where Dameon disappeared through a wall in the basement. Trask warns Bruno that he is not safe with the ghost of Dameon at Collinwood. Dameon’s ghost appears to Bruno; Bruno later begs Cyrus for help. Cyrus drinks the new potion he has created and changes into John Yaeger.
  • S09E16 DS-996

    • April 20, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    John Yaeger prepares for a night on the town. Trask is very nervous about Dameon and wants everyone to leave Collinwood. Yaeger causes trouble at the Eagle and uses a check from Cyrus to pay for the damages. Yaeger beats up Steve (occasionally Buffie’s boyfriend). Buffie tells Quentin that Cyrus knows John Yaeger; Yaeger overhears this and later attempts to strangle her.
  • S09E17 DS-997

    • April 21, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Yaeger decides to let Buffie go, but tells her he will be back. Quentin finds out from Sabrina that Cyrus has given Yaeger money in the past. Yaeger moves into the same building as Buffie. Quentin suspects that Yaeger has kidnapped Cyrus. Quentin questions Yaeger as to where Cyrus is.
  • S09E18 DS-998

    • April 22, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Yaeger runs away from Quentin, then takes the antidote and changes back to Cyrus. Cyrus returns and Quentin questions him about his “friend” Yaeger. Bruno asks Cyrus with help exorcising Dameon’s ghost, who has been tormenting him. Bruno accuses Alexis of being Angelique (again), and sending Dameon to torment him; Bruno tries to kill Alexis.
  • S09E19 DS-999

    • April 23, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin stops Bruno for killing Alexis. Bruno makes Quentin question whether Angelique is really dead. Quentin starts to suspect that Alexis might be Angelique. Alexis overhears Quentin and Cyrus planing to open Angelique’s grave, she begs them to stop, however Quentin refuses and opens Angelique’s coffin.
  • S09E20 DS-1000

    • April 24, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Cyrus, Quentin and Alexis find that Angelique’s body is in the coffin and perfectly preserved. Quentin decides to have Angelique’s body cremated so they will have no further doubts. Cyrus tells Alexis that he believes that Angelique has somehow survived death. Amy gives Quentin some paper which describe that William Loomis is working on a new book about Barnabas Collins. Alexis goes to Angelique’s coffin again, when she touches the body Angelique awakes and tells her that she is going to die.
  • S09E21 DS-1001

    • April 27, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique kills Alexis and put her in the coffin; Angelique later takes on the role of her sister. Angelique (posing as Alexis) tells Quentin that she agrees that “Angelique’s” body should be destroyed. Chris becomes suspicious when Cyrus is transferring money to John Yaeger. Quentin and Cyrus burn Angelique’s (Alexis’) body. At Collinwood Cyrus changes into Yaeger without drinking the potion.
  • S09E22 DS-1002

    • April 28, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Yaeger leaves a message for Quentin and sneaks out of Collinwood. Yaeger beats up Buf!e, she almost forgives him when he gives her a painting and asks her out to dinner. Yaeger tries to convince Sabrina that he is a good friend of Cyrus. Quentin sees Amy and David from the standard timeline.
  • S09E23 DS-1003

    • April 29, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    For a brief moment, the lives of the “real world” David Collins and Amy Jennings threaten to intersect with those of their parallel-time counterparts, Daniel and Amy Collins. The parallel versions of the youngsters happen upon a portrait of Barnabas Collins, whose presence has been kept secret by William H. Loomis. In Parallel Time, the revived Angelique, determined to find the person responsible for her death, continues to pose as her twin sister, Alexis.
  • S09E24 DS-1004

    • April 30, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique threatens Hannah to get her help. Angelique reads a telegram intended for Quentin that says Maggie is missing. Trask reveals that Bruno killed Dameon. Bruno apologizes to Angelique (posing as Alexis) for thinking that she is Angelique. Quentin has a dream in which Dameon shows him that he will die by hanging.
  • S09E25 DS-1005

    • May 1, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Horace delivers Cyrus more chemicals for his experiment and asking many questions. Dameon’s ghost appears to Quentin and Hannah. Hannah later tells Angelique; Angelique prepares to get rid of Dameon’s ghost. Cyrus drinks the potion and becomes Yaeger. Horace delivers more chemicals however finds Yaeger; Horace refuses to give Yaeger the chemicals. Angelique opens a panel in the basement where Dameon’s body is buried, she then start to perform a ceremony to banish his spirit.
  • S09E26 DS-1006

    • May 4, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique sends Dameon back to his grave. Yaeger meets with a lawyer, Larry Chase, who is supposed to help him get a bank account thanks to Cyrus; Chase is disgusted by Yaeger and tears up the contract. Yaeger takes the antidote and changes back into Cyrus. Cyrus tells Chase that in the event of his death or disappearance all his belongs should go to Yaeger. After talking with Buf!e, Horace realizes Cyrus is Yaeger; Horace confronts Cyrus with this information.
  • S09E27 DS-1007

    • May 5, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Horace blackmails Cyrus to keep quite about Yaeger. Angelique (posing as Alexis) shows Quentin where Dameon is buried. Angelique (posing as Alexis) asks Julia to help find out who killed Angelique. Quentin sees Julia and Elizabeth from the standard timeline talking about Barnabas’ disappearance.
  • S09E28 DS-1008

    • May 6, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin tells Angelique about the strange things he has seen. Later Angelique sees Julia in the standard timeline. Daniel becomes possessed and tries to break into the basement of the Old House to release Barnabas; Quentin stops him. Quentin, Angelique, and Julia hold a seance to contact the spirit of Barnabas.
  • S09E29 DS-1009

    • May 7, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    At the seance Joshua Collins appears and tells Quentin to restore honor to the family. Horace demands $10,000 for more chemicals and his continued silence, Cyrus refuses to be blackmail. Angelique asks Roger to help her find Angelique’s murderer. Cyrus finds that Horace is going to speak with Larry Chase; Cyrus becomes Yaeger and kills Horace.
  • S09E30 DS-1010

    • May 8, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Larry Chase sees Yaeger running away from the murder of Horace Gladstone. Larry pursues Yaeger. Yaeger gets Buf!e to help him get the antidote from the laboratory. Larry talks with Sabrina and she starts to become suspicious of Cyrus’ recent strange behavior. Yaeger finds a cave with footprints that leads the basement of the Old House, where he sees a coffin and starts to open it.
  • S09E31 DS-1011

    • May 11, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    William stops Yaeger from opening Barnabas’ coffin. Carolyn watches over Yaeger, however he escapes. Buffie brings Yaeger the antidote. Cyrus tells Larry Chase that Yaeger will never walk the streets of Collinsport again. William decides to move Barnabas; Barnabas is to distract William and prepares to bite him.
  • S09E32 DS-1012

    • May 12, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Barnabas bites William then forces him to destroy the book he was writing. Quentin questions William about Barnabas Collins, then is shocked when Barnabas introduces himself. Barnabas speaks with the ghost of Joshua Collins who is only interested in keeping the family honor. Quentin takes Barnabas to the room in the East wing where they both see Julia in the standard timeline.
  • S09E33 DS-1013

    • May 13, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin accuses Barnabas of being the same as the Barnabas that people in the other timeline are talking about; Barnabas denies it. Angelique (posing as Alexis) encourages Quentin to try to make Maggie come back to Collinwood. Daniel recognizes Barnabas; Barnabas uses his power to make him forget. Angelique puts a spell on Quentin to make him want to bring Maggie back to Collinwood, however he starts to go after Angelique.
  • S09E34 DS-1014

    • May 14, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin slashes the portrait of Maggie. Quentin’s behavior continues to become more erratic. Cyrus recommends that Quentin bring Maggie back to Collinwood. Cyrus wants to forget Yaeger and plans to try become a real doctor again. Like the dream that he had, Quentin prepares to hang himself.
  • S09E35 DS-1015

    • May 15, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique reads in the cards that Quentin is going to hang himself, she runs to him and stops him. Angelique admits who she really is to Julia, who agrees to help her. Angelique uses a voodoo doll to make him bring Maggie back to Collinwood, Quentin collapses.
  • S09E36 DS-1016

    • May 18, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Cyrus examines Quentin who says that he is near death. Elizabeth calls Maggie telling her what has happened to Quentin asking her to come back. Angelique tries to undo her voodoo on Quentin. Quentin tries to get Maggie to leave for her own safety.
  • S09E37 DS-1017

    • May 19, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    With Maggie’s presence Quentin starts to recover. Barnabas asks William to keep him from leaving so he will not attack Maggie. Barnabas escapes from William and prepares to bite Maggie.
  • S09E38 DS-1018

    • May 20, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Julia approaches Maggie’s room and Barnabas runs off before he can bite her. When Maggie awakes, she is frightened by Julia. Cyrus examines Quentin, can no longer find anything wrong with him, and suggests that he has been the victim of voodoo. Maggie asks Quentin to fire Julia. Quentin finds a voodoo doll in Maggie’s suitcase.
  • S09E39 DS-1019

    • May 21, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin confronts Maggie about the doll; they wonder if Julia put it in the suitcase. Julia and Angelique plan their next moves against Maggie. Angelique (posing as Alexis) tells Maggie that Angelique was murdered, casting suspicion on everyone (including Quentin). Angelique starts to feel cold and tells Julia to !nd someone or she will be the next victim. Angelique decides the next person to walk through the door will be her victim.
  • S09E40 DS-1020

    • May 22, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Buffie, now under Barnabas’ power, tells Yaeger that she is fine and Barnabas sends him on his way. Angelique makes flowers die which Maggie was holding, causing Quentin to become suspicious of Maggie. Angelique makes Maggie suspicious of Quentin. Maggie has a dream in which she sees Quentin killing Angelique.
  • S09E41 DS-1021

    • May 25, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique, posing as Alexis, plants more seeds of suspicion in Maggie’s mind. Using carefully worded sentences, Angelique intimates that she and Quentin were married while Maggie was away. Meanwhile, Buffie Harrington, the only person who knows of Cyrus’ double life as Yaeger, has been placed under Barnabas’ spell.
  • S09E42 DS-1022

    • May 26, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Maggie visits Cyrus to ask him about the recent strange things happening; Cyrus starts to become attracted to her. Cyrus becomes Yaeger, and asks Maggie to meet him to find more information. Yaeger tells Maggie that Quentin was seen strangling Angelique at the seance, then he grabs her.
  • S09E43 DS-1023

    • May 27, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Buffie stops Yaeger from harassing Maggie. Maggie goes to Cyrus and asks him to get rid of his friend John Yaeger; Cyrus promises her that she will never see Yaeger again. Cyrus destroys his lab equipment and burns his notes. Maggie is upset that Quentin is not around, she finds out from Roger that it is the anniversary of his marriage to Angelique. Angelique causes Maggie to have a dream in which a secret compartment in a table is revealed; Maggie awakes and finds it.
  • S09E44 DS-1024

    • May 28, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    In the secret compartment Maggie finds love letters written by Quentin to Angelique. Quentin is furious when he finds Maggie reading the letters. Angelique helps Maggie pick out a dress to wear to a costume party. Quentin is angry again when he sees that Maggie is wearing Angelique’s dress.
  • S09E45 DS-1025

    • May 29, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Roger tells Maggie that she cannot take Angelique’s place. Angelique pretends to be friendly toward Maggie. Roger believes Julia knows more about what is going on at Collinwood than is willing to admit. Later Angelique’s ghostly voice encourages Maggie to jump out a window after telling her that she has nothing left to live for.
  • S09E46 DS-1026

    • June 1, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Elizabeth stops Maggie from jumping. Barnabas becomes suspicious of Angelique (posing as Alexis). Barnabas stares at the portrait of Angelique; Angelique realizes that someone is watching her and feels a burning stare, she runs in to Angelique’s room then Barnabas realizes that she really is Angelique.
  • S09E47 DS-1027

    • June 2, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Barnabas warns Angelique that he will find a way to stop her. Angelique reveals to her father, Timothy Stokes, that she really is Angelique; she also tells him about parallel time and Barnabas Collins. Cyrus changes to Yaeger in front of Sabrina. Yaeger sneaks into Maggie’s room while she is sleeping.
  • S09E48 DS-1028

    • June 3, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Yaeger is interrupted and leaves Maggie. Sabrina confronts Yaeger, she is sure he can change back to Cyrus; Yaeger warns her to keep her mouth shut or he will kill her. Yaeger rents a room at a remote farm then kills the owner. Yaeger lures Maggie to Widow’s Hill.
  • S09E49 DS-1029

    • June 4, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique accuses Barnabas of coming from parallel time; Barnabas avoids her questions. Barnabas warns Quentin to take Maggie away from Collinwood. Barnabas warns Maggie that Alexis (Angelique) is her enemy. Angelique agrees to help Yaeger get Maggie. Yaeger kidnaps Maggie and locks her in the room he has rented.
  • S09E50 DS-1030

    • June 5, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Yaeger forces Maggie to write Quentin a letter telling him she never wants to see him again. Angelique feels cold again and almost makes Roger her next victim until Elizabeth walks in other them. Angelique goes to Timothy Stokes to find a answer to why she is having these cold spells.
  • S09E51 DS-1031

    • June 8, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Stokes reveals that he has a woman who’s life force is being used to keep Angelique alive. Quentin believes Maggie’s letter that she left him, Barnabas tries to convince him otherwise. Julia sees Angelique and Julia in parallel time planning to destroy Barnabas. Stokes reminds Angelique that she is still alive thanks to him and expects to get some of the benefits of living at Collinwood. Barnabas is transported back to the standard timeline, however he is worried about Maggie.
  • S09E52 DS-1032

    • June 9, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    After talking with Julia in the standard timeline Barnabas plans to go back to parallel to help save Maggie; Barnabas wait and is transported back to parallel time. Angelique is determined that she must destroy Barnabas. Maggie pretends to agree to go away with Yaeger. Julia sees Barnabas enter the secret room in the Old House, where his coffin is.
  • S09E53 DS-1033

    • June 10, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Elizabeth has a dream in which she and Sabrina find Maggie’s body in Cyrus’ lab. Maggie tries to escape and Yaeger catches her; he know that she was lying and ties her up. Sabrina finds out that Yaeger is holding Maggie captive. Elizabeth tells Barnabas her dream, he later suspects there is some connection between Yaeger and Cyrus. Yaeger finds out that Sabrina followed him, then follows her back to Collinwood where he strangles her; Elizabeth catches Yaeger strangling Sabrina.
  • S09E54 DS-1034

    • June 11, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    After killing Sabrina, Yaeger runs back to the lab, drinks the antidote and becomes Cyrus again. Julia (PT) finds Barnabas’ coffin. Cyrus feeling bad about what he has done tells Barnabas where Maggie is then prepares to kill himself, however he changes back into Yaeger. Barnabas goes to the farmhouse where Maggie is, however she hides from him not knowing, Barnabas then leaves. Yaeger goes to Maggie and prepares to kill her.
  • S09E55 DS-1035

    • June 12, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Barnabas returns and kill Yaeger, after he dies he changes back to Cyrus. Barnabas tells Quentin that Cyrus was really Yaeger. Julia (PT) sees Quentin and Julia (PT) talking in the standard timeline and learns that Barnabas is a vampire. Shortly after dawn Julia (PT) prepares to drive a stake through Barnabas’ heart.
  • S09E56 DS-1036

    • June 15, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Julia shows up and kills Julia (PT) saving Barnabas. William meets Julia and agrees to help her. Julia pretends to be Julia (PT) and is able to fool Angelique. Looking for money Bruno finds Cyrus’ journal, which apparently reveals who murdered Angelique.
  • S09E57 DS-1037

    • June 16, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Bruno demands $5000 from Angelique (posing as Alexis) for Cyrus’ journal. The journal claims that Quentin killed Angelique and Cyrus admits protecting him by declaring Angelique’s death due to stroke. Angelique casts a spell on Maggie making her a appear to be practicing witchcraft; Angelique pretends to choke. Quentin believes that Maggie is responsible for choking Angelique and all the bad things that have happened at Collinwood.
  • S09E58 DS-1038

    • June 17, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Julia tells Barnabas that she is going to stay in parallel time to help him. Angelique starts to become weak again, Julia goes to Stokes and finds out about the body that he is using to keep Angelique alive. Barnabas and Julia go to Stokes to kill the woman who is keep Angelique alive.
  • S09E59 DS-1039

    • June 18, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Barnabas is unable to kill the woman after seeing her. Barnabas attempts to revive the woman, as he does Angelique becomes weak; Barnabas and Julia are interrupted when Stokes returns. Bruno wants Angelique to go to the police with Cyrus’ journal, Angelique tells him that she needs more proof. Bruno harasses Maggie during an attempt to find out more information. Bruno prepares to call the police.
  • S09E60 DS-1040

    • June 19, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Inspector Hamilton starts asking questions about Angelique’s death. Quentin starts making threats against Bruno and plans to go see him. Angelique uses voodoo to strangle Bruno. Later the inspector catches Quentin standing over Bruno’s dead body.
  • S09E61 DS-1041

    • June 22, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Quentin is arrested for the death of Bruno. Angelique plants a voodoo doll in Maggie’s clothing, causing Quentin to believe that Maggie caused Bruno’s death. Quentin tells Barnabas that he suspects Maggie caused Bruno’s death by witchcraft. Bruno’s autopsy points to Quentin’s guilt; the Inspector tells Quentin that they suspect him in Angelique’s death and that her body will be exhumed (this troubles Quentin as he and Cyrus destroyed her body). Angelique helps Quentin escape from jail.
  • S09E62 DS-1042

    • June 23, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Maggie finds the voodoo doll and starts to suspect that Quentin killed Angelique. Julia questions Carolyn about the seance that Angelique died at. Carolyn has a dream in which she sees Angelique’s locket, when she awakes she claims to know who killed Angelique.
  • S09E63 DS-1043

    • June 24, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Julia questions Carolyn, however she won’t reveal who she suspects murdered Angelique. Barnabas forces Carolyn to admit that Elizabeth killed Angelique. Barnabas plans to take the body that Stokes is using to keep Angelique alive. Barnabas and Will find that people have been living in the secret room of the Collins mausoleum. When Barnabas and Will arrive at Stokes’ to get the body, Julia’s (PT) ghostly voice warn them that she will not let them take it.
  • S09E64 DS-1044

    • June 25, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Barnabas and Will move the body to the secret room of the Old House, Angelique starts to feel weak. Angelique discovers that the body is missing and is sure that Barnabas took it. Amy finds proof that Quentin has been staying in a shut of part of Collinwood and Will goes to investigate.
  • S09E65 DS-1045

    • June 26, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique finds Will searching, and tells him that she really is Angelique. Angelique forces Will to jump to his death after he refuses to tell her anything about Barnabas. Angelique warns Barnabas that she will find out his secret. Julia is able to awaken Roxanne, at the same time Angelique passes out.
  • S09E66 DS-1046

    • June 29, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Roxanne is unable to speak, although she appears to recognize a picture drawn of her by a man named Claude North. Barnabas takes her to the Collins mausoleum. Stokes tells Angelique she will die as soon as Roxanne is able to speak. Stokes starts to perform a ceremony and Roxanne starts to become weaker, Angelique starts to get stronger. Barnabas tells Carolyn that Will is dead, he later stops her from telling Maggie his secret. Barnabas returns to the Old House to find Roxanne missing.
  • S09E67 DS-1047

    • June 30, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Stokes calls Claude North to use his psychic powers to find Roxanne. Stokes sees Barnabas at the Collins mausoleum. Carolyn contemplates suicide now that Will is dead, Quentin interrupts her thoughts. Barnabas finds Roxanne at the grave of Claude North who died in 1866.
  • S09E68 DS-1048

    • July 1, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Inspector Hamilton asks questions about Will’s death. The inspector was apparently an old friend of Julia (PT), he becomes concerned about her memory when she does not remember his wife is dead. The inspector interrogates Angelique (posing as Alexis) about the reasons that Angelique’s body was destroyed. The inspector later makes Angelique suspicious when remarking about Julia’s memory. Carolyn tells Roger that Alexis really is Angelique; someone out side of the drawing room is listening.
  • S09E69 DS-1049

    • July 2, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Trask is listening while Carolyn tries to convince Roger that Alexis is really Angelique. Amy tells Trask that someone is living in the tower room. Carolyn goes to the tower and someone approaches, she claims that they killed Angelique; Carolyn is then stabbed by whoever it was.
  • S09E70 DS-1050

    • July 3, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Roger tells Julia and Elizabeth that Carolyn has been murdered; Roger believes that Quentin is responsible. Julia conducts an experiment in order to revive Roxanne, however it does not work. A strange man enters and searches the Old House and Roxanne awakes.
  • S09E71 DS-1051

    • July 6, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Claude North is angry that Roxanne is unable to speak, and for whatever Stokes has done to her. Claude catches Maggie at the Old House and tells her to tell Barnabas that he will be back. Maggie has a dream in which Quentin strangles her. When she awakes Quentin is standing over her with his hands around her throat.
  • S09E72 DS-1052

    • July 7, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Maggie thinks Quentin is trying to kill her and she runs. Angelique starts to suspect something is odd about Julia. Quentin is convinced that Maggie is a witch. Angelique mentions to Julia that she never sees Barnabas in the day. Angelique sees Quentin and Maggie in the standard timeline and finds out that Julia is from that time. Angelique confronts Julia.
  • S09E73 DS-1053

    • July 8, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Julia tries to convince Angelique that she is the Julia that she knows; Angelique appears to believe her. Elizabeth finds out that Roger killed Angelique and Carolyn; Roger then kills Elizabeth. Angelique locks Julia in a room in the basement planning to let her die there.
  • S09E74 DS-1054

    • July 9, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique offers to let Julia go if she reveals Barnabas’ secret; Julia refuses. Quentin threatens to kill Maggie to stop her from killing anyone else. Roger, becoming increasingly unstable, reveals that he killed Angelique, Carolyn, and Elizabeth. Roger attempts to strangle Maggie.
  • S09E75 DS-1055

    • July 10, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Angelique interrupts Roger; Maggie tells her that Roger killed Angelique. Angelique starts to feel cold and kills Roger for his warmth. Claude North attempts to make Roxanne speak which would kill Angelique, Barnabas tries to stop him because if Angelique dies now he will not be able to clear Quentin of the murder charges. Angelique brings Maggie under her power and sends her to shoot Quentin. Barnabas tries to get Angelique to sign a confession and tell him where Julia is at; she refuses.
  • S09E76 DS-1056

    • July 13, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Claude forces Roxanne to speak, Angelique dies, and Maggie is release from her power before shooting Quentin. Barnabas convinces Quentin that Angelique took Alexis’ place, and Maggie was not responsible for what has been happening. Barnabas is unable to convince the Inspector of the truth. Quentin and Maggie reconcile. The inspector takes Quentin back into custody. Barnabas finds Claude North dead and wonders if Roxanne is dead also.
  • S09E77 DS-1057

    • July 14, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Barnabas finds that Stokes plans to raise Angelique as soon as he can get the body. Stokes convinces Roxanne that Barnabas killed Claude North; she later tries to kill Barnabas but is unable to. Barnabas and Inspector Hamilton search for Julia, however she is sleeping and does not hear them.
  • S09E78 DS-1058

    • July 15, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Maggie plans to leave Collinwood, giving up hope of getting Quentin out of jail or finding Julia. Roxanne tells Barnabas that she loves him; fearing he will harm her Barnabas tells her that they can never see each other again. Roxanne returns and Barnabas bites her. Barnabas asks Roxanne to use her psychic powers to find Julia; Roxanne uses a scarf belonging to Julia (PT) claims that she is dead. Stokes finds the bite marks on Roxanne’s neck and realizes what Barnabas is. Barnabas and Maggie lock up and leave Collinwood; Julia is still alive trapped in the basement.
  • S09E79 DS-1059

    • July 16, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Barnabas realizes that the scarf Roxanne uses belonged to Julia (PT) not Julia, and that she might still be alive. Again using Roxanne’s psychic powers they are able to find Julia. An autopsy proves that Alexis is really Angelique, Quentin orders the body cremated so Stokes cannot bring her back again. Stokes kidnaps Maggie.
  • S09E80 DS-1060

    • July 17, 1970
    • 25 minutes
    Roxanne dreams that she and Barnabas are separated by fire. Stokes lures Quentin to Collinwood to kill him. Barnabas and Quentin are able to stop Stokes and save Maggie. Stokes escapes taking Roxanne hostage. Stokes sets Collinwood on fire. Julia and Barnabas are trapped in a room and it changes to another time.