E.J. breaks down in tears while looking at a picture of Johnny saying he's so sorry. Carrie tells Marlena and John there's been another report on Johnny. Sami asks Rafe to go with Bo and Hope to identify the body that was found, and Will agrees to stay with his mother. Sami ends up at the DiMera mansion and immediately consoles E.J. Marlena asks Austin and Carrie she would like to talk with John alone. Will comes out to find that Sami left. Bo asks Rafe if the body is that of Johnny's. E.J. almost comes clean to Sami about what he did to John, they then get a news report of their son being dead. Bo and Hope confirm to Marlena and John that it the news was wrong and it wasn't Johnny, thinking Sami needs to be told. E.J. tells Sami that he gave her sole custody and should've kept their son safe. Austin tells John that what he's seen tonight he knows that he's innocent. Rafe and Will go to the pub and discover Johnny right where Allie said he was. John tells Judge Weston he pleads guilty to all charges. E.J. and Sami's heated argument leads to passion.

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