Jack tells Jennifer that he has something to tell her and he'll understand if she wants to throw him out afterwards. Will sees Rafe and Sami on the couch and reflects to seeing her and E.J. making love. Nicole reveals her true feelings to a stunned E.J. and says that Johnny going missing made her see things clearly. Austin tries to get Carrie to focus on something other then John's sentencing hearing. Jack comes clean to Jennifer and says that he needs help. Will asks Sami where she was when Johnny was missing and what exactly was she thinking. Nicole tells E.J. she can't believe that John actually confessed. Abigail and Austin develop an unexpected connection. Sami breaks a mirror cause she can't get the image of her and E.J. out of her head. Nicole tells E.J. she wants a fresh start with him with no secrets between them.

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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, November 22, 2011
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