Carrie tells Sami that John was sentenced to fifty years in prison. John tells Abe that he's ruining his election just by being here and for him leave and never come back. E.J. thinks of Sami while he's about to make love to Nicole. John tells Abe to do what he can to beat E.J. at his own game. Will tells Gabi to come by the loft later cause he has some stuff for her. Jennifer confronts E.J. after he got the press to hound Abe after he was visiting John. Will shocks Sami by announcing that he's moving out. Carrie shows John the picture and he thinks it's real evidence. Jennifer tells Nicole that she should be worried and has just made her first fatal mistake. Gabi is stunned by Will's suggestion that they move in together and is excited by the idea, but then rethinks after Will backs away from a kiss. Sami asks E.J. if it's possible if anyone saw them make love the other night.

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