Melanie treats Gabi to a spa at Intensity she spots Chad and asks him not to leave. Hope calls Susan Banks and becomes irate when she mentions Stefano. Quinn makes a mistake and assumes that Chad and Melanie are a couple. Austin tells Abigail that she desperately needs her help with something. Hope can sense that Susan is definitely scared of something, so she and Bo go to Stefano. Kate urges Sami to stand up to Madison cause that's something she used to do back in the day. Abigail tells Austin that she's considering taking journalism and winning that contest and invites him to the awards ceremony. Chad gets an eyeful when Melanie drops her towel while looking for her phone. Stefano tells Hope that he has no idea who could've given Alice that voucher. Sami tells Madison that the notes can wait cause and finally sees the reason why she hired her in the first place.

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, December 7, 2011
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