Kayla tells Sami she felt that she needed to come to Salem and help Caroline around the holidays. Jennifer tells Abigail and Melanie that Daniel broke up with her tonight. Rafe tells Carrie about John being at the Cafe in Paris but at a different time and it could set John free. Austin asks Sami why she wants to renew her vows her already married. Gabi tells Chad that she's grateful for him saving her life, and is gonna focus on a future without Will. Abigail tells Jennifer that she may have already met someone else, and she constantly thinks about him. Melanie thinks back when Chad told her while being held hostage that the kiss at Halloween wasn't a mistake, Abigail then asks her what she should do. Austin surprises Carrie with a her Christmas album he had sent from their place in Zurich. Rafe offers Sami a compromise they should renew their vows in front of the Horton's on Christmas Eve. Abigail feels uncomfortable while seeing Carrie and Austin kiss in the town square.

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