John and Marlena's celebration is cut short by the arrival of Will. Sami tells Rafe that the renewal ceremony was as perfect as can be. Brady is touched when Madison bought him a star, she's eager to open that present he got for her. Marlena tries to get to the bottom of Will's animosity towards his mother. Hope wants Bo to get Ciara a bike that's already assembled and has an idea where to get one. Madison is surprised and asks Brady where he got a picture of her with her mother. Marlena offers Will to stay at her place with John so that it may help in some way. Sami's guilt gets the best of her when Rafe says there's no way she would turn to another man. Brady finds out after seeing a newspaper headline that his father's conviction was overturned. Hope and Bo accidentally break the plaque of Alice and Tom Horton while in the town square, but find a key thinking it's a sign.

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  • Originally Aired Monday, December 26, 2011
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