Marlena tells Carrie that John isn't to know that Stefano helped him get out of jail. Kate goes to Sami for an answer on her job opportunity. Hope looks at the key wondering what it means. John doesn't care if he loses everything, he must repay all of his investors. Sami tells Madison that she quits and is taking Kate's offer to work at Countess Wilhelmina, she abruptly tells Sami to get out and never come back. Mr. Gordon tells Bo and Hope that he was instructed to put the key in the plaque by Alice's attorney Erin Hewitt. Marlena tells John that Carrie and Rafe had help from Stefano in getting him released. Kate tells Stefano that Sami is giving her notice as we speak and everything is going right as they planned. Marlena tells John that she did whatever she had so he can come home. Carrie considers an intriguing business opportunity by asking Rafe to be the lead investigator at her law firm.

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