Melanie accidentally kicks Chad in the head while at Quinn's self defense class. Jennifer is pleased that Jack really put a lot of thought in their family trip to Hawaii. Maggie tells Daniel she's here to be with him when Lexie gets his test results back. Jack tells Jennifer that it's her feelings for Daniel that is concerning him. Brady offers John a surprising proposal to partner in rebuilding Basic Black. Lexie tells Daniel that he suffered a minor stroke, and that his condition is irreversible. John asks Brady he's turning him down cause he's smarter by staying with Titan. Chad assures Quinn that he just got the wind knocked out of him. Lexie brings up a treatment to Daniel that helps but the hand tremors will return, and he'll no longer be able to operate on patients. Gabi tells Melanie that since Abigail and Chad broke and wonder if she would mind if she asked him out. John asks Jack to include on thing in the article that he wouldn't be here if it weren't for Marlena. Jennifer runs into Daniel and asks to tell her what's bothering him.

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