Abigail freaks after seeing Chad and Melanie holding hands. John tells Marlena he's excited for his meeting with Brady this morning. Gabi offers to give Chad a massage for his sore shoulder. Melanie tries to salvage her friendship with Abigail, but she says can't forgive her betrayal. Kate approaches Chad and Gabi but they decline the offer. Brady asks Madison if she considered taking Victor on his offer for the C.E.O at Titan. Chad agrees to do the thing with Gabi by testing the new products from Countess Wilhelmina by undergoing makeovers. Abigail goes to Madison after overhearing that Mad World will be hiring interns from Salem University. Chad asks Melanie what's standing in their way of being together now that Abigail has moved on. John asks Brady the idea of partnering with Mad World to launch their new fashion line. Melanie watches uncomfortably when Chad and Gabi pose for pictures. Abigail turns to Marlena for guidance.

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