Marlena confronts Will after hearing that Abigail admired his new car, and asks if E.J. got it for him. Victor tells Daniel that Melanie and Maggie are gonna be devastated with what he has to tell them. Abigail has a fantasy of Austin coming up and kissing her after admitting his feelings. Marlena tells Will to consider going to work with John and Brady when they start up Basic Black again. Maggie knows what Melanie is trying to do, is get her a massage even though it's Mickey's birthday. Nicole discovers that E.J. bought a sports car and it's in Will's name. Marlena goes to see E.J. and warns him to stay away from Will. Abigail tells Austin she maybe getting a internship at Mad World cosmetics, Austin is worried it might affect her work with him. Daniel shocks Melanie and Maggie when announces that he's leaving Salem, but assures that it's not goodbye. Nicole meets up with Will hoping to get some answers out of him.

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