Abigail has another fantasy of going to Austin admitting she loves him. E.J. tells Will he's going to throw a party for Sydney at the mansion and for him to bring her over. Carrie sits and helps Rafe make the tiaras for the party. Jennifer tells Abe she got the fake questions, but need a way of making the switch for the real ones. Stefano asks Hope if she's made a decision about the deposit box or letting the secret stay buried. Abigail tells Austin wants to see if he's okay with her modeling for Mad World cosmetics. Abe and Jennifer get an opportunity to use Sydney's birthday as a way of getting even with E.J. Stefano tells Hope that opening that box will be indeed a mistake cause he has no idea what Alice had on him. Rafe tells Kayla that the people he hired to play Prince and Princess cancelled so he and Carrie are playing the part. Jennifer tells Abe where Nicole put the debate questions.

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