Rafe and Carrie take on a case involving a woman thinking her husbands been having an affair. Jennifer asks Abe if he's thinking about telling Lexie the truth about what he's done. Nicole tells E.J. she knows that Will has something on him as well. Mrs. Carlyle makes an assumption that Rafe is in fact her husband. E.J. is thrown when one of the questions he's asked isn't the on the list he got in advance. Will shocks Sami by saying that he saw her and E.J. having sex when Johnny was missing and wants her out of his life for good. E.J. realizes that Abe somehow switched the real questions for the fake ones. Rafe gets a lead in Mrs. Carlyle's case and Carrie insists on going along with him. Jennifer gets the information on her phone saying that Abe won the debate. Will goes to the Brady Pub and runs into Dustin and his friend, and invites him to a party. Sami walks in on Carrie and Rafe kissing.

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  • Originally Aired Friday, February 3, 2012
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