Austin wonders what he's going to do after getting a text from Abigail. Madison asks Ian what he's doing here in Salem. Sami tries to persuade Will not to leave. Abigail asks Melanie to join her for coffee and asks if she could ever forgive her for the way she treated her. Carrie tells John and Hope they can't get their marriage legally but they can file for divorce but there's a catch. Ian stops Madison from using her phone to call saying she isn't going anywhere. Will lashes at Sami for making Rafe move out of the loft all cause a kiss between him and Carrie. Austin confides in Brady that he and Carrie are having serious problems. Carrie tells John and Hope that until their marriage is dissolved and to do that they have to go to Alemania. Will can't believe what he just saw as Sami to Rafe to go when she's the guilty one. Austin and Carrie agree that moving back to Zurich is a good idea. Johnny comes rushing out after having a nightmare and wants Rafe so he can make it better. Rafe asks Will he feels there's something else going on with Sami and to tell him what it is. Brady is thrown when Ian introduces himself as Madison's husband.

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