Jack asks Abigail who the person is that hurt her this time. Sami wants answers from Carrie if she does have feelings for Rafe. Johnny asks Rafe when he's coming home. Madison goes to see Brady but he tells her to get out. Ian goes to see Kate, but she wants to know why he left her all those years ago without notice. Rafe looks to Kayla for advice and explains the mistake he made. Jack tells Abigail who the guy is that led her on cause he's going to answer to him. Carrie and Austin encounter Jack comforting Abigail in town square, and it being about a guy. Sami encounters Rafe at the Brady Pub dropping off some Valentine's and candy for the children. Ian tells Kate that he's moved to Salem and hopes he could see her again. Brady tells Madison to no go near him anymore and to get out of his life. Rafe tries to convince Sami he has no interest in her sister Carrie and plants a kiss on to prove it.

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, February 15, 2012
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