Abigail discovers where Austin is taking Carrie for a getaway. Lucas surprises Sami by showing up at her doorstep, and says to let Will be angry at her right now. Gabi is livid after Chad tells her the flowers that arrived are for Melanie, she throws a fit and breaks the vase. John and Hope ask Stefano what he's doing here at the cafe. Austin and Carrie take in some skiing while arriving at Green Mountain Lodge. Abigail suggests that Melanie and Chad join her unaware of her plans. Brady forgives Madison for her lies and must find a way to get Ian out of her life. Gabi sets her sights on Chad by asking him to allow her to massage him to get some experience while Quinn is away. John and Hope head back to the hotel to find Agent Walsh sitting in the chair dead. Austin thinks it's not a coincidence that Abigail just happened to be here too. Lucas tells Sami that despite everything that has happened between them over the years he still loves her.

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  • Originally Aired Friday, March 2, 2012
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