Austin returns to the hotel room, and expresses to someone thinking it's Carrie, but it's in fact Billie. Carrie goes into Rafe's arms telling everything that went down this weekend. Abigail is confused when she thought Austin would be in the town square. Stefano surprises Hope and John when he offers to help them get out before the Alamanian police arrive and arrests them. Billie is shocked to learn that what Austin said about cheating on Carrie is true and asks how he could do such a thing. Melanie tells Abigail that she believes she does love Austin, he just doesn't return the feelings. Abigail finally admits to Melanie she didn't sleep with Austin but felt to make him believe it happened and to tell them both the truth. Stefano still refuses to hand over the passports saying he needs both of them and to wait for further instructions.

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