Abigail tells Melanie that she didn't tell Carrie and Austin the truth and is never going to. Jack comes to the pub and Austin tells him that his wife is falling in love with another man. Rafe brings Daniel to treat Nicole after she passed out in his arms. Gabi goes to Chad with some good news of their pictures coming out great. E.J. tells Kate he wishes he told Nicole about what happened between him and Sami sooner. Jack tells Austin that he's going to make whoever broke his daughters heart pay dearly. Rafe confides in Nicole he still loves Sami but isn't going to forgive her for all the lies she's told. Abigail goes to tell Austin everything, but see that he's having a drink with her father. E.J. walks in finding Nicole and Rafe in a compromising position. Gabi takes off her earrings and puts them in Chad's bed while he's on the phone with Melanie. Kate confronts Daniel and warns him to stay away from Billie or else.

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