Sonny is ecstatic after Will tells him that he came out to his grandmother tonight. Kate tries to turn Ian away at the mansion, but he insists on speaking to her. Stefano tells Francesco that he will deal with his wife personally. John and Hope find half of a coin containing numbers and meaning it could be some kind of code. E.J. surprises Sami with a kiss to prove Nicole there's no feelings between the two of them. Sonny tells Will he pretty much knew he was gay the night he kissed Neil. Kate is guilt ridden over her actions after getting a call from Stefano promising he'll make it up to her for leaving so suddenly. E.J. and Sami agree to keep their relationship strictly platonic. Stefano is pleased and gives John and Hope their passports, but it's not long before he discovers the eggs contents is indeed a fake. Will and Sonny share a hug but they both feel some a bit more. Ian tells Kate he's not going to be giving her up without a fight.

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