Chad and Melanie wake up in each others arms. Daniel gives Rafe the document in case E.J. does something drastic, Rafe then gets a call from Carrie asking to meet at the Pub. E.J. catches Billie going through a cache of documents but doesn't let on that he caught her. Nicole leaves a message for Stefano knowing he's the one that rigged the election for E.J. Carrie presents to Rafe which will dissolve their partnership indefinitely. E.J. is irate after seeing what kind of papers that Billie was reading. Austin tells Rafe nothing would be better then to put this sordid mess behind and for them and for all them to be friends. Chad presents Melanie with a gift hoping she'll leave it and spend many more nights together. Nicole is told by E.J. that he's the one that stole the pension funds from Basic Black and cause of Stefano there's not one penny left. Austin tells Billie that Abigail lied about them having sex. Carrie tells Rafe she knows that Nicole is pregnant with his baby.

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