Ian tells Kate she'll understand his intentions she hears what he has to say. Abe has a specialist brought in to consult on Lexie's case. Austin tells Sami that Carrie is committed to them and their relationship, they then see Carrie and Rafe in the town square. Nicole asks E.J. what went down when he confronted Stefano. Kate tells Ian to hire Lucas to be apart of her team at Mad World. Cameron tells Lexie he hopes to get to know her better. Dr. Yu comes in and gives Lexie bad news and concurs with Daniel's diagnosis and several more weeks to live. Lucas goes and warns Sami that Ian hired Kate as co-C.E.O. of Mad World. Nicole agrees to take E.J. back, only if they move away from Salem for good. Lucas tells Sami that Autumn abruptly ended their engagement of his consistent of putting someone else first. Kate overhears Celeste talking with Cameron and says Stefano should be told about Lexie's condition.

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