Brady comes in the pub and Roman tells him that John and Marlena were killed in an explosion. Abigail rushes and finds Jack and Jennifer and tells them something terrible has happened. Will is irate when Roman confirms that he was there at the safe house when it blew up without survivors. Gabi and Nicole are overcome with grief after learning that Rafe is dead. Stefano learns from E.J. there was an explosion several people died. Austin is consoled by Billie trying to figure out why Carrie was going up there in the first place. Kate sees that Ian had a dinner at the same spot when Stefano evicted her from his life. Chad apologizes to Melanie cause he can't stop thinking about Lexie dying and can't do anything to save her. Jennifer tells Abigail that maybeshe heard Maggie wrong when she called the house. Brady sets off to make Stefano pay for killing his father. Billie goes to Shane knowing that something is up and he knows more then he's letting on. Jennifer realizes from Kayla that Bo and Hope are in fact dead. Everyone watches the tv as E.J. speaks athis press conference. Kate tells Ian that if Stefano is capable of killing people, there's no way what he can do to them. Stefano lays into Agent Harmon for allowing this thing to happen.

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