Sami asks Lucas if he thinks everyone believed her about what she said about Marlena at the service. Marlena tells John she doesn't like the idea of their loved ones believing they're dead. Brady tells Madison he was gonna ask John to be his best man at his wedding. Doug asks Kayla how they're tell Caroline and Ciara that Bo and Hope are gone. Sami tells Lucas she vows to be a better person in honor of her mother. Carrie tells Marlena that she and Rafe have decided to be together. Nicole tells Daniel even though Rafe is gone she doesn't want E.J. raising her child. Kayla, Doug and Julie are thrilled that everyone is alive. Roman brings everyone from the pub to the location and they're overjoyed and reunited with their loved ones, and Bo says they have to keep on going with the lie Shane tells Agent Harmon that all the information the people had died with them in the explosion. Shane lets Billie in on his secret that everyone is alive and will explain everything later. Sami issues Austin a stern warning now that Carrie and Rafe are forced to stay together for the time being. John says that nobody in their family is gonna be safe until Stefano is dead.

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