Bo pretends to be Nevsky in order to lure Stefano to the warehouse. Marlena tends to Carrie after she has a nightmare leading back to the explosion. Lucas is angry at Sami for telling E.J. about Will, and understands if he doesn't speak to her again, cause Marlena didn't walk out on him when she did. Maggie surprises Victor for his birthday, and says they'll have a celebration once everyone comes home. Abigail sees Gabi's jealousy at seeing Chad and Melanie together. Sami asks Lucas to help her fix this with Will. Celeste sees that Cameron and Abigail are becoming even closer. Lexie thanks E.J. for doing all this for her and for getting along with Abe for her sake. Abigail senses something is wrong after Melanie she and Chad haven't had any time alone together cause of Gabi staying with them. Lucas stops by the Kiriakis mansion to wish Victor a happy birthday. Carrie asks Marlena if it's possible that she could be pregnant. Bo takes off the hood revealing himself to Stefano as well as the others, and places him under arrest.

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