Lexie asks E.J. to do the right thing and to give Abe his job back as Mayor and will focus on his personal life. Cameron tells Jack and Jennifer that Lexie is his half sister. Sami finds Will and tells him that she's sorry for walking out after he told her and Lucas that he was gay, but Will says she's starting to make this all about her and shrugs her off. Lexie sees E.J. is hiding something and asks if she can do to help him, he then opens up to her by saying they're not siblings and Stefano isn't his father. Jack and Jennifer share memories of their pasts weddings on their anniversary. Sami and Will finally come to terms and reconcile their differences. Jack gets word that E.J. plans to run for Governor, and Jennifer says to do whatever it takes to stop him. Abigail invites Cameron to the anniversary dinner with his parents tonight. Will reveals to Sami that it's his fault that Rafe knew about her and E.J. sleeping together.

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