Ian sees some discrepancy in her divorce papers from Stefano saying he has the power to take back Countess W, and will not be able to work for any competitor. Sami catches up to Marlena asking why she's in such a hurry and needs to talk about Will. E.J. vows to put an end to Stefano but doesn't, not before Abe appears and points a gun at him. Lucas asks Will what he's doing with a gun and he wants the truth from him. Stefano gets a visit from John, who leaves before Hope shows up confronting all that he has done to her family. Will tells Lucas that the gun is E.J.'s which he doesn't believe before going to talk to Sami. Abe gets home thinking about what he almost did by killing Lexie's father. Will, Kate and Bo give their word in before Marlena surprises him by saying there's going to be retribution and pretty much pities and despises him, she leaves until she sees the gun on the table. Abe reads a note from Lexie saying she couldn't sleep and went out. Lucas tells Sami the gun he put in the safe is no longer there, and unable to reach Will anywhere. Stefano listens to some opera music as someone lets themselves in and slowly walks towards and then shoots

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