Bo and Hope tell John and Marlena that they're prints were also found on the gun that was used to kill Stefano. Nicole tells Rafe and Daniel that E.J. would go to extreme lengths to take her baby from her. Marlena comes clean to John saying she went to the mansion to confront Stefano, as did he. Sonny learns that Will was fired by E.J. and asks what went down. Roman presents Stefano's will seeing he was cut out of it giving him complete motive to want him dead. Roman reinstates Rafe cause he needs the help since Bo and Hope are suspects. Sonny is shocked when Will tells Sami that he and Sonny are together. Roman tells Marlena, Hope, Bo and John if someone in this room is the killer. E.J. is thrown when Daniel announces that Rafe is the father of Nicole's baby and not him. Roman comes to talk to Will and Sami sees that he's connected to Stefano's death. Daniel tells Nicole he changed the labels back cause she doesn't want E.J. to take her baby away from her.

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