E.J. comes to the mansion for the first time since Stefano's death and Rafe says he can't come in cause it's a crime scene and reminds him he is a suspect. Jack tells Jennifer the new of his memoirs are being published. Roman asks Will if he understands the charges that are being brought against him. Lexie tells Abe she wants to meet with Chad and E.J. to say she wants to be apart of the planning for her father's service. Lucas tells Sami that if Marlena tells police that Will shot E.J. all those years ago they will look at him in a new light. Jennifer tells Lexie that she and Jack are glad that they're with her. Will asks Sami and Lucas if they believe in his innocence.Rafe goes back letting himself into the mansion to get some papers and hears Rafe coming and quickly hides before he's spotted and learns of Will's arrest. Kayla becomes a sounding board for Abe. Will is shocked to find out that E.J.is the one that paid his bail.

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