Hope and Bo look at Theo playing with Ciara thinking he's not ready to say goodbye to Lexie. E.J. tries to persuade Will to come forward and tell the truth to where he was the night Stefano was murdered. Gabi tells Andrew the good news that Melanie has taken off after her fight with Chad. Roman tells Neil he doesn't believe that Will spend the night with him at a gay bar, and Sami steps in saying she knows what he's talking about. Theo tells Hope that he felt his mother go to heaven and she goes out back seeing Abe holding Lexie and sobbing. Melanie makes an attempt to escape. Hope calls E.J. and breaks the news to him of Lexie's passing. Bo tells Abe that Lexie let go knowing that he and Theo will be alright. Will takes E.J.'s advice and confesses where he was the night of Stefano's murder. Sami watches with proud as Will tells Roman that he's gay, Carrie then says because of Will's alibi the charges against him have been dropped. Andrew takes Gabi to his place as Melanie tries to pick the lock with her hair pin .

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