Abe asks Kayla to stay and keep him company for a while. Andrew lets Gabi know that if he gets caught and what Chad will say when he finds out she came between him and Melanie. Cameron gives Theo a bit of hope after saying he doesn't want to go home cause his mother isn't there. Kate asks Ian to come clean to her about his part in drugging Brady. Madison tries to get Brady to allow her to help him. Abigail tells Kayla that the mistakes she has made is gonna interfere in her relationship with Cameron, Kayla asks her to tell him how she feels. Gabi is faced with an impossible decision as Andrew assures her that in time he will release Melanie and by then it will be too late for her and Chad. Brady believes Ian is the source of his troubles. Cameron gets some good news, but Abigail hears that he has to leave for Chicago, but is relieved that it's for a training seminar cause his job is here in Salem. Brady meets up with someone in the town square and purchases some drugs hoping to frame Ian, but is unaware that he was photographed.

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