Ian sees a messenger drop off Kate something but is alarmed when she doesn't show him the contents. Madison tells Brady that she wants to believe him that he was set up but can't. E.J. consents to taking a polygraph test to prove he didn't kill his father which surprises Roman and Agent Spencer. Daniel shows Nicole the new game at the pub and challenges her to some one on one. Roman asks Will why he is so mixed up in this, and doesn't want to see him get hurt. Carrie tells Austin that she and Rafe were just talking about work. E.J. is startled when Mr. Hayes asks him the question if he is Stefano's son. Nicole and Daniel can't fight their attraction to each other. Roman announces to E.J. that he failed the lie detector test, when he was asked if he killed Stefano. Brady opens up to Madison the reason he became an addict in the first place. Kate decides to make herself a protein shake, unaware it is laced with drugs, but Ian knocks it over before she can taste it. Mr. Hayes is approached by someone and gives him an envelope full of money as payment.

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