Lucas asks Will if there's something that he isn't telling him about E.J. and why he is so sure that he won't come after him. John and Marlena make an attempt at a relaxing day laying on the couch and gives her a foot massage. Gabi stands by as Chad leaves a message for her asking Melanie to call him, after Gabi calls Andrew asking what to do once Chad knows the truth. E.J. explains to Sami although he failed the lie detector test he did not kill Stefano and asks her to believe him that he didn't. Gabi tries to get Chad to focus on something else then worrying about Melanie.Melanie begins to make small talk with Andrew, and slowly goes out the door, Andrew realizes that she is gone. Lucas turns to Marlena and expresses his concerns for Will and him being in trouble. Chad receives an alarming call from Carly telling him that Melanie is not with her. John plans to go after what is rightfully his which is the DiMera empire.

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