Chad picks up Melanie's bracelet and begins to search the premises. E.J. demands to be told how they came in possession of the leather gloves. Ian is determined to find out what Kate is hiding in that envelope in her desk. Sami is startled at Lucas' admission that she belongs to him not E.J. Nicole asks Daniel to join her for the afternoon, but brushes her off and late finds out that Melanie has been missing for weeks. Bo and Hope arrive and Chad quickly goes to check the basement, Gabi who is inside the room tries to find a way to get out before she is spotted, Bo stops Chad from further contaminating the crime scene. Kate returns to find Ian reading a confidential document he got from her briefcase. Sami goes back after Roman leaves and asks E.J. if he was wearing those gloves when Stefano was killed, and he admits he was. Bo knocks in the door, and Chad discovers Gabi supposedly unconscious. Lucas overhears as Rafe tells Roman that the gloves came back positive for gun shot residue. Ian thinks back to going into E.J.'s place and planting the gloves behind the picture.

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