Will rushes out of the DiMera mansion hoping to find that letter before somebody else does.Kate hears Ian on the phone and finds out he is keeping tabs of the DiMera's. Rafe is devastated when Carrie tells him she and Austin are moving back to Switzerland. Marlena and John learn that E.J. isn't Stefano's son which gives him motive for killing Stefano.Sami goes to E.J. telling him about the security cameras all over town and could be footage out there showing him throwing the gloves away and him being innocent. John has a run in with Ian and condones him for what he has done to Brady. Will tells Sonny he's looking for a letter and if he doesn't find it he will be in big trouble, he then recalls and wonders if Lucas might have it. Roman asks Carrie why she is moving and so far away from her family. Ian asks Kate what would she do if he could get Countess Wilhelmina back for her.Will arrives too late at the police stationas Rafe is reading the letter.

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