Gabi wakes up and attempts to get Melanie out but Andrew grabs her foot, prompting Melanie to asks how he knows her name. Brady and Chad pray that Melanie was no where near the blast. Roman tells Will that E.J. made bail and Sami is the reason for it. Maggie tells Nicole that she is happy that Daniel is spending time with her. Roman receives an anonymous tip, and Will overhears that it involves the DiMera jet is being fueled thinking E.J. is gonna leave the country. Sami tells E.J. that she was mugged and all they took was the flash drive with the footage on it. Victor is upset with Daniel for getting close to Nicole. Will goes to warn E.J. telling him not to get on the airplane, Sami says for him to run he then agrees to do so. Chad and Brady go back in the tunnel and hear voices but don't know where they're coming from. Roman asks Will where E.J. is. E.J. asks Sami if going away with him is what she wants to do. Andrew begins to tell Melanie about Gabi's part in him kidnapping her.

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