Victor tells Maggie that Daniel just told himk that Madison died in the explosion, and Brady knew for sometime. Sami comes home and Will is thrown at her revelation that Stefano isn't dead. Melanie goes to Brady and offers her condolences after finding out about Madison. Kate shocks Chad when she tells him that Stefano is alive, and gives him a letter from him and that he left to regroup but will be back. Julie gives Lucas information regarding Nick's upcoming parole hearing and it might be good if he returns to the family. Rafe goes to check on Gabi and sees she is okay and the person who was stalking her is dead. Maggie and Victor go to comfort Brady. Sami tells Caroline that she is not going to have any more drama in her life. Lucas can't believe what Kate told her about Stefano, thinking he was really gone this time. Will and Gabi both agree that last night shouldn't have happened. Rafe ponders calling Sami and tell her what he feels. Julie unintentionally gives Melanie some news about Nick.

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