Bo is irate that he missed Ciara's poetry reading cause of his long hours at the station. Daniel makes it clear to E.J. that he doesn't want his daughter anywhere near any member of his family. Jennifer tells Abigail that Nicole's day of her living at their house is coming to an end. Sami is heartbroken when Rafe says they don't have a future together, but doesn't tell her why. Gabi tells Nicole something that gives her a reason to go and lean on Daniel. Caroline tells Roman why didn't he tell her that Bo is considering leaving the force. Sami tries to get Rafe to remember what they felt for one another. Roman tells Hope when the time comes he might not have a choice but to lay Bo off. Gabi tells Abigail the wedding left town and the wedding has been called off. Daniel catches Jennifer making an alarming phone call, he quickly grabs the phone and hangs it up. Sami tells E.J. he was right about Rafe not having forgiven her for what she did with him.

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