Stefano meets up someone saying it's been a long time. Rafe goes to Sami's for their date, and E.J. then sees them together. Caroline realizes she called Bo by his father's name and admits there might be something wrong with her. Brady stops Jennifer from calling Daniel and says he is really worried about her. Nicole tells Daniel they need to leave before E.J. orders another paternity test. Rafe makes it clear that he has won and he lost and is the one that is with Sami. Nicole goes ballistic after hearing Jennifer's message for Daniel, and goes to the town square after deleting the message. Victor tells Daniel he knows he is throwing away everything for Nicole.Bo brings Caroline to see Bo and says there is something wrong with her. Nicole arrives and slowly approaches Jennifer with a scalpel in her hand. Abigail tells E.J. that Nicole has moved out of the house. The woman that Stefano is speaking too turns out to be Kristen Blake.Nicole follows Jennifer up the stairs and Brady and Billie witness her falling.

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