Marlena tells John he doesn't have to follow her around, he just wants to make sure she is safe. Brady encounters Kristen in the town square, and wonders what she's doing here in town. Nick tries to hide his animosity towards Sonny and Will while discussing Halloween decorations, Gabi then then notices he is uncomfortable with them being gay. Sami is shocked when Bo tells her that Caroline is experiencing early onset alzheimers. John sees Kristen tending to a little girl who hurt herself after falling off a bike, her mother mistakes them for a married couple. Marlena tells Brady that Kristen surprised her in the park believing it was intentional. Abe asks Bo what he plans to do now that he is no longer on the force. Sonny takes Will back to his place and thinks now is the perfect time to have sex.Brady vows to keep a watchful eye on Kristen.

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