PREVIEW: Hope gets a birthday surprise from Bo; Jen and Colin make love; Brandon vows to protect Nicole from Colin. SUMMARY: At the Brady House, Hope comes downstairs, worried that she slept so late only to find the living room filled with red balloons. Bo suddenly pops up from hiding behind the chair and tells her "happy birthday!" He got up early and had Caroline pick Zack up and decorated the house. He says that there are surprises there, but she must find them. She wonders how? He hands her a pin and tells her to "start poppin'". As the day goes on, we see them running around the room and she is popping the balloons, looking for her present. She finally pops one and out comes a note. It is a day at the Salem Inn Spa and a suite reserved for them for the night. She is happy and she hugs him, but over Bo's shoulder in one of the balloons, she sees Larry's face and remembers him telling her, "I shot Shawn with a camera, next time, I'll use a gun". Her instincts kick in a

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  • Episode Number 36
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  • Originally Aired Monday, December 30, 2002
  • Production Code 9465
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