PREVIEW: John and Marlena explain about Daphne DiMera; Cassie, Rex and Belle try to comfort an upset Shawn. SUMMARY: **from** Grandpa Shawn is taken to the hospital, but Craig later diagnoses the attack as minor and says he can go home. Everyone assembles in the waiting room, while Tony and the Twins linger in the pub. Cassie and Rex want to go to the hospital because they care about Shawn, Belle and Marlena, and they go against Tony's warning. Cassie hopes that since Belle is a DiMera and Shawn is a Brady that it will create a wedge between them, but she's upset to learn that Stefano wasn't John's father and that Belle and Shawn seem closer than ever. Cassie, Rex and Belle are cognizant that Shawn is upset and his agitation escalates when Hope can't be located. Meanwhile, John and Marlena explain that he and Tony share a mother, Daphne DiMera. Roman, Bo and John discuss the murder case and the coincidence that the note from the safe contained the same information that Ton

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  • Episode Number 47
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, January 15, 2003
  • Production Code 9476
  • Directors
  • Writers Sofia Landon Geier
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